Low Carb Seed Bread

Egg and Gluten free, low carbohydrate, and optionally dairy free Seed cracker or seed bread.  Which is simple to make.
I wanted something more like this:


Rather than this recipe from “The Real Meal Revolution” by Prof Tim Noakes, Jonno Proudfoot and Sally-Ann Creed as shown below.


The problem with these, is that they are just broken pieces,and hard to use as a base for other foods as they tend to be too brittle.

Mine is stronger, better shapped, and able to standup to butter, cheese, avocado dip etc.

So, to get the new, improved Noakes Seed Cracker:

Preheat oven to 180C,
In a bowl add:
80gms sunflower seeds
80gms Pumpkins seeds (Pepitos)
80pms Sesame seeds
50gms Flax seeds
50gms ground flax seed (freshly ground or buy pre-ground) or LSA or LWASP
15 gms Psyllium husks (3 tbs)
half a teaspoon of baking powder,
1 tsp salt,
400gms water (with 1 Tbs Apple cider Vinegar)
Stir before adding:
60gms Tahini (Sesame seed butter)

Optional: (if dairy OK) : add Parmesan cheese 25-50gms to taste.

Stir and leave for 15 minutes.
Prepare two baking trays (mine are square, 32cm x 22cm)
Place baking paper along bottom & fold up the sides.

Pour the Mix into the trays, and spread with a heavy spatula – it is a thick gelatinous mass. Trays will be covered about half a cm deep or so. Too thick, and the crackers will remain moist.  At this stage, I use the spatual to outline the crackers – these lines will not remain, as the mixture will flow, but it makes the dividing lines easier by pushing the larger seeds away from the cracker outline. It also lets you see if the mixture is evenly spread, which you can correct at this stage. It looks something like this:


Place in In the oven, and immediately turn down the heat to 150C, the initial higher temp will speed the drying, and bring the mix quickly up to heat, and help with a little raising, but you don’t want to over heat the seeds, as the oils and fats are prone to heat damage over 160C or higher.

After 20 minutes, remove each tray briefly, and score with a spatula to outline the cracker size you want,  – this makes the crackers easy to break into a uniform size & they look good, but you can skip this and just break the whole slabs as you want.


Return each tray to the oven for a further hour or so – but check after about 45 minutes, as overcooking will burn the crackers.

This will take a little trial and error depending on your oven. Too little heating, and the crackers will be too soft and moist. Too much, and the crackers will over roast – which tastes nice, but isn’t wise to overheat seed oils and fats. You can remove one cracker & test that it is done.

Store in an airtight container when done. I find that the flavour appears to improve as the crackers are stored, but maybe that is just me, as these are super yummy with anything.

Strong enough for cheese, dips, etc etc.



Nutritional information: Assuming 32 crackers, average per cracker
Dairy free: 71 calories, 3.4g Protein, 6.2g Fat, 0.4g Carbs
With Parmesan: 77 calories, 3.9g Protein, 6.6g Fat, 0.4g Carbs

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