Linseed(Flaxseed) – Walnut – Almond – Sunflower and Pumpkin seed.

Designed to boost Gamma Tocopherols when supplementing Vitamin E with Alpha Tocopherol.

Note!  I do not generally support Vitamin E supplementation, and real food sources are always preferred. As Chris Kresser says  Throw away your multivitamins and antioxidants!

LSA is a well know product, made from ground Linseed(Flaxseed), Sunflower and Almond, in the ratio 100 to 30 to 15.  (As these ingredients all have approximately the same density, it matters not if you measure by weight or volume.)

But different nuts and seeds have different profiles of Vitamin E which comes in several forms, the main being Alpha and Gamma Tocopherols.  Most multi vitamin supplements contain only Alpha-tocopherol, and too much of the Alpha form in the blood drives down the Gamma form. If you are using Alpha tocopherol (Vitamin E 500 units every other day) as a therapeutic anti-coagulant instead of Aspirin and other more dangerous anti-coagulants, then using LWASP instead of LSA will help boost Gamma Tocopherol levels a little. There is huge disagreement on the relative advantages of Aspirin vs Vitamin E, and this is something I am still researching.

The following ingredients essentially have only one major form of vitamin E.
Linseed (Gamma)
Walnuts (Gamma)
Almonds (Alpha)
Sunflower seeds (Alpha)
Pumpkin Seed (Gamma)

I chop the nuts (equal parts by weight) in a food processor, then add to a bowl:
200 gms Linseed,
30 gms Sunflower seeds,
30 gms Pumpkin seeds and
30 gms of the chopped nuts (effectively 15gms each of Almonds and Walnuts)

I transfer the mix, 1/8th cup at a time to my spice grinder & grind for about 15 seconds to a fine meal. Takes a while!

I keep the meal in the fridge, and use just as you would LSA, or ground Linseed, in cooking, porridge, smoothies etc.

In all things, I try to introduce variety – to use as many different foods as possible.

Read More on Vitamin E:
Researchers have discovered how vitamin E deficiency may cause neurological damage
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The need for vitamin E and how much is enough


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