The Low Carb, Lower Fat diet.

Don’t get me wrong. This is the same diet called elsewhere LCHF, or low carb high fat, or as Dr Caryn Zinn says, LCHF = Low Carb, Healthy Fat,   but you are likely eating LESS FAT than you would be eating on a high carbohydrate diet.  Note that I am writing this from the perspective of a somewhat sedentary pensioner with a relatively low energy requirement.  An active sports man or women following a LCHF diet would have a much higher calory need, and higher fat input!.


Above image from the Edify Food Community

From the US Centers for Disease Control

“The decrease in the percentage of kcals from fat during 1971–1991 is attributed to an increase in total kcals consumed; absolute fat intake in grams increased (5). USDA food consumption survey data from 1989–1991 and 1994–1996 indicated that the increased energy intake was caused primarily by higher carbohydrate intake (6). Data from NHANES for 1971–2000 indicate similar trends.”

When on the weight loss part of the diet, most of the fat you consume is your own body fat!  At maintenance weight, you are likely consuming no more, or even less, fat than your poor friends and family on the SAD diet. (SAD = standard American/Australian diet!)

On a low carbohydrate diet, you eat a lot fewer calories than your former obese self on a high carbohydrate diet. True, you probably now eat more fat than a healthy vegan, or even someone who tries to eat well and starve themselves on a carb rich diet. But when compared to the worst of those who eat the SAD diet, your total fat intake is probably comparable, but made up of much healthier fats.

LCHF is high fat as a percentage of the calories we consume, but not compared with the SAD diet. We likely don’t eat as MUCH fat as the obese on a SAD diet.

So let’s stop calling this a high fat diet.

Note: Following standard Government guidelines for “healthy” living,  would result in a much lower fat intake than on a LCHF diet, but I think the average Australian, American and New Zealander gets far too much fat, which  when combined with a high carbohydrate intake is a recipe for disaster.

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