Me & Gkids

With my Grandchilden (2015)

This is the blog of Ross Jackson.  Also known in the Blogosphere as KiwiStonewall, which fairly obviously, indicates my country of birth, and my surname.

My late father went under the nickname of Stonewall in his school years, and I have read Dabney’s life of Stonewall Jackson several times.  While  I doubt Stonewall is closely related, he is said to have been on the Autistic Spectrum, which is  interesting given that I supect I might share that disorder.

I am a retired teacher of science and mathematics. My degree majored in chemistry and included post-grad studies on atmospheric chemistry (during the early Ozone “crisis”).

My thinking interests include the relationship between science and Christianity, the study of how we know anything (epistemology), and the effects on western society of changes over the past few hundred years.

My practical interests include gardening, sailing – the later of which I used to do and wish to do again!

Picture: Rangitoto Island from Mission Bay, Auckland, New Zealand (copyright Ross Jackson)

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