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Aspirin – To bleed or not to bleed, that is the question.

Abstract:   Aspirin is commonly prescribed as part of standard stroke recovery medication, but I know of no research done on the interaction of Aspirin with a ketogenic diet. In particular, salicylates are known to interfere with mitochondria, and in … Continue reading

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The Low Carb, Lower Fat diet.

Don’t get me wrong. This is the same diet called elsewhere LCHF, or low carb high fat, or as Dr Caryn Zinn says, LCHF = Low Carb, Healthy Fat,   but you are likely eating LESS FAT than you would be … Continue reading

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Stroke! 11th May 2016

My wife has had a stroke! Why?  Eating a healthy diet, weight close to ideal BMI, blood pressure (140/90) not over high.  Excellent lipid profile, at least according to Assoc. Professor Ken Sikaris No matter what you do, and how … Continue reading

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Distilling down the latest science on diets: Saturated Fat, Insulin, Carbohydrates

My wife and I started a diet back in October 2014. Actually, I started my wife on a diet! We have now been on this diet for 16 months. It started like this: a friend pointed me to Dr Wahls … Continue reading

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