Distilling down the latest science on diets: Saturated Fat, Insulin, Carbohydrates

My wife and I started a diet back in October 2014. Actually, I started my wife on a diet! We have now been on this diet for 16 months. It started like this: a friend pointed me to Dr Wahls protocol – a low carbohydrate diet to slow or reverse Multiple Sclerosis. So I stopped cooking potatoes, pasta and rice just for myself, though I was still having cereal and bread.  I lost 3 kgs (6+ pounds) in three weeks. That started a whole study of nutrition.

Now (March 2016) after constantly changing and adapting to the best science I could find, I have lost about 22kgs, my wife has lost over 30kgs. Importantly, her blood pressure is much lower.  I am now at a “normal” and stable weight, and my wife just slightly  over an ideal weight, but slowly losing more.  There have been many improvements in our health. The biggest battle has been to get over the saturated fat phobia!

What  is science telling us about nutrition?  Unfortunately,  a lot of mixed messages and confusion reigns. Many studies are trumpeted to the media, such as red meat is bad for you, eggs are bad, are good, butter is bad, is good. Vitamins are bad are good and so on!

I was trained in organic chemistry, with a interest in pharmacology and biochemistry.

Where am I at now with all this?

  1.  What we do is working!
  2.  I have no idea WHAT is doing the “working”
  3.  There are no definitive answers!
  4. Everybody is different in their reaction of food and lifestyle.

What do I know for real?

A low carbohydrate diet, high in nutrient dense vegetables, animal meat and products  and healthy fats  works for most people to restore health and lower weight.
The link above  is to Dr Peter Attia’s Eating Academy – a good place to start.

Is this the only answer to health and weight loss?  No, but the simplest and easiest to follow with little hunger.

Enough for an introduction.

More to follow as I get time.






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